It's everybody's favorite aunt: Aunt Mitzy.






Aunt Mitzy say's

Ice cream leads to nightmares.

Eating carrots will improve your eyesight.

For arthritis and urinary problems, drink the water of asparagus after it has been steamed

A warm cabbage leaf compress placed on the head can help reduce headaches

For minor earaches, place a roasted onion on the ear.

Lemons act as a natural insecticide, rub a lemon on your body and it work well to keep away flies and mosquitoes

A warm baked potato applied to the elbow can help ease discomfort

put bar of soap in your bed while you sleep to relieve cramping

Put a piece of fresh bread on a wound to stop bleeding

sage prevents hair loss

To cure ague swallow a spider wrapped in a raisin

to cure acne boil one cup of rice in two cups of water add 1 tablespoon almond oil cook to consistancy of grits and spread on your face like a mask. remove after one hour, repeat every night until your practices please babalu aye

house hold

do it yourself.

if you're going to work on a hot circuit put some gloves on

use a level, get it straight

if you put soap on it you can tell where the leak is at


whisper sweet nothings to your plants when you're calm and collected.